Thursday, 19 June 2014


Year:  2012
Country:  Russia , Quebec , Russia , Spain
Label:  Cold Solitude Productions
Format:   cassette
Edition:   50 copies
Tracks:   7
Time:   70 min.
Genre:   electronic
Style:     Space Ambient      Depressive Ambient      Harsh Noise

I discovered some time ago by chance this compilation with 4 projects aimed basically towards the ambient, drone, space and sub-styles similar. After several listens I came to the clear conclusion without doubt that the project that I liked and was fascinated NEBULA VII. This Russian project very little known in the West, has extensive discography (26 albums) focused on ambient / drone but especially to space issues and outer space: planets, galaxies, moons, stars, astronauts, spaceships, etc. . The only track that presents NEBULA VII in this compilation takes 15 minutes and is based on a perfect balance of ambient / noise. A curious heho is constantly heard conversations between astronauts Soviet (or Russian) talking to each other and this fact gives an original touch to the recording. NEBULA VII really does move you the feeling of being in the limitless, empty and cold space. Then it's time for DURCRABAN and ABSTINENTIADIVINORUM, two projects quite similar in style and shape, although one of them (ABSTINENTIADIVINORUM) has some influences from black metal ... or something like that. The biggest surprise for me in this cassette was FAGUS, a project of my own city (Barcelona) that I did not even know. Although then I discovered that it was Ferran Fages, a compatriot of mine who normally spends his time and Turntables Free Improvisation. Although it seems that also has its artistic side as aggressive FAGUS and their sound is clearly HNW in this compilation or other harsh noise recordings. Unfortunately FAGUS has only one 10 minute track, but it is enough to prove that it is able and has the talent to make HNW spirit, substance and soul. Not at all a tedious and extremely linear HNW, but has very small variations appropriate. Here below there is the direct link to see the web of "Cold Solitude Productions" (from Germany), but I read that this cassette is already sold out.
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