Thursday, 26 June 2014


"loosing shelter"
Year:    2018
Country:    France, Germany
Label:    Attenuation Circuit
Format:    cassette
Tracks:    7
Time:    60 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:            Rhythmic Noise            Musique Concrète

Awesome split tape between two separate musician names XFnX and Emerge, they have created one of our favorite experimental and rhythmic noise, inspired series of last years. Energetic, dynamic and also abstract sounds, immersive rhythms and more all came out in that entry. This turned the music into a more intimate, and personal piece. Now, for those of you who decide to download the album instead of stream it off of Bandcamp, you will be treated to B-side tape track on the album. The only one Emerge track, is some kind of treatment of musique concrète, experimental and ambient landscapes. And, as such it takes a completely different route. The thirty minute track starts off with slow moving ambiance with a electronic effects playing over. Emerge walks around the abstraction, noises, and slowly take over the track with the electronic and spacial elements still intact. Meanwhile FXnX walks around the reality, social injustices and vindications through its lyrics, but also though clear and strong rhythmsis, beats and human voices. The XFnX tracks then works all these elements: rhythmic section (electronic drums, beats and breaks) and  noise made both by man and machine, and crushes it all together into one great melting pot. Though this song may not fit the grand electronic scheme of the rest of the album, it sure does kick some major ass and ends off the cassette in good fashion. We were more than impressed by this split  and we can easily say the same for other "Attenuation Circuit" releases. Here there is more than sixty minutes worth of material to get through on this album. That's more than what's on some musician's full length releases. Not only that but this addicting piece of art is available on Bandcamp under the "3 €" model. You have no excuses to not listen to this at all. Go check it out now. Highly recommended.
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Year:    2015
Country:    France
City:   Suin
Artist:    Chris
Label:    Monsters Of Doomcore
Format:   digital
Tracks:    9
Time:    60 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:            Rhythmic Noise

Here’s the newest XFnX recording, in a series of digital releases from this France based power noise project. This project likes to often use quite thought provoking themes for its work, this time focusing in on subjects related to: social issues, animal liberation, anti-war, anti-poverty, third world and similar themes. The release came just on digital format and has been made by record label "Monsters of Doomcore" from Netherlands.  This is the second album of Chris Teissier on "Monsters Of Doomcore" shows him venturing of in a more darker dubby industrial noise with lots of bass. You can never have enough bass with this earthshaker of an album! With a crisp and hard production one of the power noise high points of 2015.
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Year:    2014
Country:    France
City:   Suin
Artist:   Chris
Label:   none
Format:   net
Tracks:   10
Time:   55 min.
Genre:   electronic
Style:            Rhythmic Noise

After a long musical way leading from punk rock through techno, XFnX decides to dedicate his body and soul to Power Noise . He finally finds his mental balance between the sweetness of ambient Noisescapes and the harshness of Rhythmic Noise with a strong tendency towards obsessive basses and maniac drum. I can remember as a child walking through school hallways and hearing a bunch of other kids getting into a fight, the sounds all distorted and echoing through the hallways. Much of the atmosphere on this release is evocative of that sort of feeling, an unreal and alienating experience of being sent to an institution for programming with the values of the state imposed upon you by force of law. The fears and expectations, the diseases and bad attitudes of other students and teachers, and a seemingly demonic presence behind it all are represented here on this thirty minute recording. The atmosphere is generally morose and evokes a deep and unrelenting sorrow and distance from other people. Voices will focus on the sound of moaning, often ending up horrifically distorted and sometimes colliding with oddly upbeat music slowed down as to be distorted and creepy. Discipline, power noise and rhythmic noise, outright meanness, is expressed toward the listener/child in the narratives, the two sidelong tracks acting as a funhouse mirror collection distorting many interlinking but seperate vignettes. The perspective put forward on this release is highly unique to this artist and indicative of a highly critical and intuitive artist. An awesome and highly-realized project, released on "Attenuation Circuit Records" by the french veteran electronic artist: Chris.
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Year:    2013
Country:    France
City:   Suin
Artist:   Chris
Label:    none
Format:   digital
Tracks:    13
Time:    65 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:               Rhythmic Noise

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