Tuesday, 29 July 2014


"Lazy metal"
Year:   2008
Country:   US
City:   Wilmington , North Carolina
Label:   Blue spectrum
Format:   CD
Tracks:   5
Time:   50 min.
Genre:   electronic
Style:       Experimental       Noise

Experimentalist and abstract sound artist influenced by micro and macro sound who currently lives in Wilmington, South Carolina. He started in 2002 with harsh noise, field recordings, micro cassettes, circuit bent, ambient, drone… and experimental music in general. Since then he has recorded 56 releases in many formats: cd, cassette, vinyl, mp3, etc. He recorded under CARL KRUGER the most of his works, but also use another names such as: Baby Daddy, Caucasians, Ibiza Shock Troops, Kevin Brodenheimer, Nipple Stools, Peer Group, etc. About labels, CARL KRUGER has made his recordings with the help of independent labels such as: "Blue Spectrum Tapes", "Shark Bites Tapes", "Control Valve Records", "Ambolthue Records", "Kill Collector Culture", "Petite Soles Records" and many other. Few time ago I recived some promo stuff from the british label "Blue Spectrum Records" (run by Simon Wilson from UK) and there was this nice CD which there are only 20 physical copies. Fortunately I has this one at home and I must to say this is one of my favourite CARL KRUGER releases. I had listened to another works in his bandcamp, in archive.org or in some musical blogs, but sometimes I found his stuff too much close to harsh noise. This release has nothing to do with "harsh" but with experimental noise, field recordings, some kind of ambient and musique concrète. There are 5 tracks quite long (10 minutes each one) where the artist show us his talent and grace to make this kind of music. I think is an style a little bit psychedelic, optimistic, positive and even sympathetic. These are the things my ears percieve when I am listening to this work. Is not necessary to mention that I recommend to listen to this work and also to inform there left any physical copy. Anyway If someone want to see the interesting "Blue Spectrum Tapes" catalogue you can see  HERE .
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