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INDRA + YAO 91404 D
Year:   2011
Country:   Russia
City:   Saint Petersburg
Artist:   Grigory Presnov , Danil Dashkevich
Label:   YAOP
Format:   CD
Edition:   31 copies
Tracks:   2
Time:   54 min.
Genre:   electronic
Style:     Dirty  Industrial

The long-avaited second part of the series dedicated to during expeditions and walks. The city of Khibinogorsk (now Kirovsk) was built on Kola peninsula, among Khibiny mountains in the late 1920s - early 1930s by "special migrants" (agrarians who were exiled from Central Russia during Stalin's collectivisation). The nucleus of the city was Apatite-nepheline concentrating factory ANOF-1 - the first enterprise of such a kind which was intended to let USSR get rid of necessity to import chemical fertilizers. In 1931 Khibinogorsk recieved a status of city and the factory started its work. In December 1939 a giant building of railway station was opened. It had splendid interior with parquetry, marble walls and bronze chandeliers and received trains from Moscow and Leningrad. But gradually the importance of the city went down, it gave its role away to the neighbour city of Apatity which was esatblished in 1959 12 kilometers far from Khibinogorsk. In the 60-s direct trains between Kirovsk and the capitals were abolished, in the late 80s the railway station was abandoned, in early 90s same happened with the factory. Nowadays the city is significant only with ski resorts and monumental ruins... A collaboration release between two industrial projects includes a disc with live recording of performance / live without audience at ANOF-1; a cassette with a studio album asembled exclusively from recordings made there with analogue tape recorder; a disc which includes almost 200 historical pictures of Khibinogorsk and a scanned book about the city from 1933 and a photo insert. There are still some physical copies and If anyone want to buy it can to write  HERE .
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