Wednesday, 30 July 2014


"Shrieking in stereo 2006 - 2010"
Year:    2013
Country:    US
City:    Jedo , Michigan
Label:    Blue spectrum tapes
Format:    CD
Edition:    20 copies + 4 promo copies
Tracks:   24
Time:    75 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:         Noise         Experimental

An anthology of KNOX MITCHELL (Lidless Eye, The Bloodletters, Night Court, Woven Qualm) singular tape experiments.  Dubbed from gob, guitar, shortwave radio, keyboard, Dictaphone straight to tape, it’s got that familiar mung of crushed frequencies that turn all the beauties brown and snug. This has a magpie’s eye on methods and techniques taking collage and composition side-by-side and turning both over like a bad clam.   Fans of insect squeals will revel in the familiar sound of waxed wing-pods rubbing over knotty carapace.  Music for prawns. Knox Mitchell started in the experimental non-music in 2005 and since then, he has already recorded 62 releases in many kind of formats: cd, vinil, cassette, mp3, etc. Apart music he run also an independent label called "Green Records" whit an interesting catalogue with cd´s and tapes about noise, experimental, field recordings, etc. About this anthology or compilation entitled "Shrieking in stereo 2006 - 2010", we can to affirm with security that you will not to boring at all, because there are a big number of tracks (24) and more than 75 minutes of (non) music. This is not harsh noise at all nor ambient neither drone, but a long list of succesive little noises, musique concrète, field recordings and objects such as: radio, telephone, shoots, animals,voices, tapes manipulation, etc. The other important element is the quality of sound, instruments and objects, which is / are totally low fi. I never had heard anything of KNOX MITCHELL but it has been a luck to get this release on physical format (cd) and can to have it at home. It´s a nice and symphatetic release. In fact, the work is huge but the true is here there are recordings and experiments from 2006 to 2010, so it´s logical this size. You can listen to it or to buy it  HERE .  Definitely a solid tape.
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