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"Live 2005"
Year:   2005
Country:   Russia
City:   Saint Petersburg
Artist:    Artyom Ostapchuk
Label:   Zhelezobeton rec.
Format:   CD
Edition:   150 copies
Genre:   electronic
Style:            Experimental          Noise

After several limited edition split and collaborative releases this is the first solo recording by Kryptogen Rundfunk since the release of his album "22.SZ" on Mechanoise Labs label back in 2004. The disk contains live recordings made during the "Noise vs Glamour" festival in 2005 in St. Petersburg and Moscow, later reworked in home studio. In fact the same program was prepared for both shows so some fragments of the compositions intersect, but due to the live mixing of sampled layers of analogue and computer synthesis and use of such instruments as analogue synth "Rokton", radio receivers, voice and processing units, both tracks sound entirely different in the end. In both cases these are constantly moving psychoactive soundscapes spreading from soft pulsations and drones to sprightly noisy fragments spiced up with a couple of funny samples.

BIOGRAPHY : Kryptogen Rundfunk is a project from Russia, based in St. Petersburg and founded by M.M. who specializes in music built mainly from radionoise manipulations. Pulsating rhythms, melodic elements, samples and dense noise attacks lie on a substrate of plangent drone layers extracted from electrified depths of radio receivers.  This project evokes both the uncanny aspects of industry and the trauma of its operation in an increasingly dysfunctional context. It is sometimes almost overloaded by ghostly radio frequencies that seem to haunt themselves and by grinding oppressive processes. What these might be we can only guess, but it hovers in the imagination somewhere between a grimy noisy nightshift in a provincial factory and some dangerous Tesla style techno-occultist experiment. The heavy bass pulsing of a chronically unstable power supply gives the work of the project its momentum. 
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"Silentium universi"
Year:   2002  (re-issue 2010)
Country:   Russia
Label:  Abgurd Subdivision
Format:  CD
Edition:   48 copies
Tracks:   1
Time:   46 min.
Genre:   electronic
Style:          Radionoise

Radionoise description of the Universe with total length of 45 mins 55 secs, made by comrades MM and DN in autumn 2002. Human factor is reduced to an essential minimum, and eloquent pithiness of the natural signals of radio ether comes to the forefront. "It is only an emission produced by processes that are purely physical, natural, and totally uninhabited, therefore devoid of any linguistic character, of content, of meaning..." The medium is packed in a kraft paper envelope with b/w photo, a quotation from "His Master's Voice" by Lem unique for each copy, and all the necessary and sufficient information.
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Picture of Kryptogen Rundfunk

Picture of Kryptogen Rundfunk

Picture of Kryptogen Rundfunk