Monday, 14 July 2014


"six wheels on my wagon"
Year:    1993
Label:    Universal 
Format:    CD, LP
Tracks:    12
Genre:    electronic
Style:           House            Techno

Fluke is an English electronic music group formed in the late 1980s by Mike Bryant, Jon Fugler and Mike Tournier. The band's conception was influenced by the members' interest in the burgeoning acid house music scene and particularly the work of Cabaret Voltaire and Giorgio Moroder. The band is noted for its diverse range of electronic styles spanning the house, techno, ambient and blues genres; for their reclusivity, rarely giving interviews; and for lengthy timespans between albums. Many listeners know of Fluke only through the inclusion of their music in many blockbuster film soundtracks, most notably The Matrix Reloaded and Sin City, as well as featuring prominently on the soundtracks to Need for Speed: Underground and the Wipeout video game series. The film The Experiment uses their song "YKK". As of February 2017 Fluke have produced five original studio albums, two "best of" compilations and two live albums. Throughout their career they have made several changes to their line-up with credited appearances attributed to Neil Davenport playing guitars, Robin Goodridge on drums and Hugh Bryder as a DJ. When Fluke was touring for Risotto they were joined on stage by Rachel Stewart who acted as a personification of the band's official mascot, a character from the Wipeout series named Arial Tetsuo. Stewart continued as lead female vocalist and as a dancer for all of Fluke's live performances between 1997 and 1999. After Risotto, Tournier left the group to form Syntax with Jan Burton. Bryant and Fugler went on to produce Fluke's latest studio album without Tournier's help and the pair have subsequently engaged in projects under the name 2 Bit Pie, with their first album 2Pie Island released on 4 September 2006. The musical activities of Tournier are unknown.
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