Monday, 14 July 2014


Year:   2014
Country:   Russia , Poland
Label:   Floppi Kick
Format:   diskette
Edition:   18 copies
Tracks:   4 (+ 3 bonus)
Time:   20 min.
Genre:   electronic
Style:    Noise     Ambient    Folk

OMUT MORA is a one man run project from Stary Oskol (Russia), based on experimentation with the genre of ambient, noise and folk. The project was formed February 6, 2008. Founder and sole member is a certain Victor “The Day”. The names of tracks present use of neologisms such as: “Creux YA”, “Veliyard”, “Velidure”, “Valitar”, “Lryuazd” etc. All this is due to an imaginary world of the author. The whole concept of OMUT MORA music revolves around these concepts. For some creative time author will understand what it means and how it is arranged fictional world. This release is a very good example of OMUT ORA style which has also a folk sounds (guitar, flute, etc.), minimal noises and landscapes which remind the never ending russian steppe. The split it was made in an original format: diskette, like the old computers. This label from Hungary ("Floppy Kick Records") work always with this format. Very curious format and the quality sound continue being good. The only one "negative" point in my personal opinion, is that the duration is too much short, but anyway this fact has easy solution: to listen to his another releases, of course. Original work.
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Victor is the experimentalist musician behind OMUT MORA.

Here below a nice detail of Stary Oskol (south of Russia).

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