Tuesday, 8 July 2014



"The instinct of self-destruction"
Year:   2014
Country:   Belarus
City:   Babruisk
Artist:  Maksim
Label:   Telo Melody rec.
Format:   CD , cassette
Tracks:   1
Time:   54 min.
Genre:   electronic
Style:     Experimental     Noise

This recording opens with the innocent voice of a girl whispering a few words in Russian for me (obviously) completely incomprehensible. Slowly and gradually the sweet voice of the Slavic girl disappears to make way for minimal noise first and then after a few minutes, a very coarse and unrefined severe noise. On the contrary, reminiscent of old school bands like Alexander Lebedev Frontov (Linija Mass, Vetrophonia, etc..) Or Italian Maurizio Bianchi. Strup is a noise project from Babruisk, a small town in Belarus. The author of this little prank called Maxim and brings nearly 10 years recording and experimenting with noise and industrial sounds. Maksim has already recorded 50 releases and participated on 7 compilations, all of Eastern countries or former republics of the USSR. Despite having many years of experience in this field of music, does not want to want to soften their sound, but remain faithful to the rough, rough, rough sound of 1,979. This album was made ​​in a very limited edition in 2 different formats: tape and CD that you can still buy (those who want) HERE .  The only one track has almost an hour of multiple noise textures, spoken words and strange electronic sounds. Maksim run also his own label / distro and have another short-lived b-side projects, but he always say that STRUP is his main project. This artist has the good and positive habitude to put many releases avaible with no limit and totally free in different net-platforms, exception of course when it deal about physical releases. Incredibly, abrasive and emotive Noise. Definitively a good work in his genre.
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