Wednesday, 6 August 2014


"Neuroscience is dumb"
Year:    2012
Country:    US
City:    Austin , Texas
Artist:     Johnathan Cash
Label:     Rainbow Bridge rec.
Format:     cassette
Edition:    50 copies
Tracks:     2
Time:     40 min.
Genre:     electronic
Style:           Harsh Noise

Black ink on neon pink, neon yellow, peach, green, and white card-stock j-cards. Each tape contains different stickers on the A side. Soft poly cases. Artwork by JML, including the blatant typo, that John decided he doesn't care about and thinks is funny. Breakdancing Rondald Reagan comin at ya.

Full of changes, ultra dynamic, fast and diverse harsh noise amongst other things. JC is currently residing in Austin, TX and has been active with this project since 2003, give or take. BRR shows and releases often feature foul humor, obnoxious stage antics, ridiculous samples and overwhelming volumes. He runs the label  #420 Holocaust and the highly-acclaimed annual "Sux By Suxwest Noise Fest" in Austin. JC make (in my personal opinion) a kind of noise not very original or different than many other projects, but has an element very original, different and rare to see: sense of humor, irony and a even social awareness. This is not a political project at all, but has titles, sentences and opinions that glimpse the author has clear ideas. Some examples? "The Black darfur agenda", "Right is right", Protest for hate or against it"... and this one is specially sympathetic: "Hair-Metal" to make reference to "Mainstream Heavy Metal Scene". I think the JC sense of humor is intelligent and at the same time provocative and ireverent. I ignore If JC like punk-rock music but he keeps some similarities in this aspect. In fact, the own name of the project "Breakdancing Ronald Reagan" is already a clear principles declaration and a true test of good sense of humor, isn´t? ha ha! ... Of course If you like "traditional" electronic harsh noise but you have enough of gore, bondage, terror, etc. this is your recording no doubt. Another positive point and I finish, is that many song are avaible totally free in different net-platforms like: bandcamp, lastfm, archive org, etc. From here we want to say thanks to the author to share his works. Good texan noise friends and I think the physical release is already sold out, but if you like the net release you can go  HERE .
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