Thursday, 7 August 2014


"Star Trails"
Year:   2008
Country:   Puerto Rico
City:   San Jose
Artist:   C. Chea & J. Castro
Label:   Sonora rec. ‎
Format:   CD
Tracks:  2
Time:   32 min.
Genre:   electronic
Style:      Noise      Drone      Ambient

This is a veteran noise duet from Puerto Rico which since 1996 has not stop to produce sounds, noises and experimental music in general. They have recorded a lot of album as a solo band and other as a split format next to projects such as: K2, Armenia, Government Alpha, Astro, etc. but CORNUCOPIA is not an extreme, hard and austere harsh noise project but a mix with different musical styles which include noise and other softer genres like ambient, drone, space, experimental, etc. This release was made in CD format for their own label "Sonora Records" (already defunct) in 2008 but recently has been re-made in mp3 and put avaible totally free in Bandcamp, Archiveorg, etc. so for those like me, do not can to get it in 2008, we can to listen to it now. Music totally calm and quiet which don´t abandoned noise at all, but which is during all 32 minutes extremely serious, mature and a kind of travel to the exterior, cold and empty space. According to the artists their music is totally electronic, artificial and synthtetic, but nothing to do with rhythms, melodies or machines. Very good band but sadly few known in the international scene.
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