Thursday, 28 August 2014


Year:   2013
Country:   Russia
City:   Moscow
Artist:   Mirabella Kiryanova
Label:   Fuselab rec.
Format:   net
Tracks:   9
Time:   20 min.
Genre:   electronic
Style:      Minimal     House     Ambient

Fans of electronic music are certainly no stranger to the essence of the art that is represented on "Confession". By creating densely layered ambient compositions, these transcendental artists use music in ways largely unlike those from the world of heavily formulaic and scripted creations. These different sounds and emotions are used not as a means of plugging in to the societal hive-mind that dominates more conventional styles of music. No, this is not what ambient or techno are about as genres. They are, in part, about using non-traditional sounds or instrumental mixing to build rich atmospheres for the subconscious mind but always with clear rhythms. This allows for a very dreamy and sometime soothing, yet disturbing audible jubilation that many music listeners seem to be unable to fully grasp. First time I listen to this artist but I hope in the future can to get more Mirabella Kiryanova's music. There is not experimental music but an easy and soft house with ambient landscapes.
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