Wednesday, 13 August 2014


Year:    2014
Country:    Basque Country (Spain)
City:    Bilbao
Label:    Copy For Your Records
Format:    CD
Edition:    150 copies
Tracks:    5
Time:    47 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:               Death Industrial

MIGUEL A. GARCIA is a solo multimedia artist who has another b-side projects and different names  such as: Xedh, Baba Llaga, Cooloola Monster, Future Graves, Groc, LII, Madam, Mubles, Valvula Antiretorno, Aatxe, Erra Fagus, Rojo, etc. Apart he run 2 labels in the Experimental and Noise area called: "Larraskito" and "Doministiku", both work as a net-label. And finally it's important also to mention his great contribution to the spanish Experimental music organizing an important Fest in this genre called "Zarata Fest" since 2006. This is in brief his large "curriculum vitae" but you can to see his extensive discography (moren than 60 releases) under his own name, MIGUEL A. GARCIA or under his long list of b-side projects before mentioned. We are in front of, so, a true veteran of the non-conventional music. Since 2004 he has made all kind of this "non-conventional music" from rude and crude harsh noise to ambient, drone, field recordings, free improvisation, tapes manipulation, turntables, etc. Years of sonic exploration are woven into each composition; influences range from kraut-rockers Can and Neu!, to Brian Eno and Twin Peaks. Yet, each MIGUEL A. GARCIA record carries the distinctive entrancing quality of noise. To begin artist comparisons, he could bear semblance to KK NULL if the heroin were to be replaced with peyote, LINIJA MASS but less industrial and also a kind of free spirit like ALEXEI BORISOV. In few time I have listened to some MIGUEL A. GARCIA's works and I can to affirm there are a variety of styles and genres, and you can not label this artist with one adjective. In this case here entitled "Choirs" the artist show us how to create 47 minutes of pure abstract noise with another sounds incorporated difficult to identify because of their rarity. Anyway even the least skilled in noise music, can recognize that here there is talent and many years of work and experience. Here there is no boring, static and predictable noise, but the opposite. The label "Copy For Your Records" run by the also musician Richard Kamerman, decided to made and distribute this work and you can buy a physical CD  HERE . Highly recommended.
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