Wednesday, 13 August 2014


Year:   2012
Country:   Russia
City:   Bryansk
Artist:   Evgeny
Label:   Vomit bucket prod.
Format:   CD
Edition:   30 copies
Tracks:   2
Time:   35 min.
Genre:   electronic
Style:     Ambient Noise Wall

NOISE project started in 2009 by the young musician called Evgeny from Bryansk (Russia). His style is harsh noise wall specially static, dense and hypnotic and he has already recorded 6 CD´s and 2 cassettes. He run also his own label named “Sickcore Records” which is quite known in the russian scene, with an interesting and large catalogue full of references about extreme harsh noise and similars. Apart his work in the label, the author has enough time to create an slow, morbid and deep HNW that occasionally is closer to ANW. In fact, we can describe this release here "Ganymede" as an ANW act, but it was not a SEGMENT AURA release alone, but an split with another russian project, Disgorged Faeces. The physical CD was made by the german label "Vomit Bucket Productions" in 2012 but is already sold out. So nowadays is only avaible on mp3 format. The noise here exposed is static, monotonous and dense, but not furious neither fast, but hypnotic, serious, mature and reflexive. I like also the aesthetics line of SEGMENT AURA which used to show space aspects and planets, moons, systems, stars, etc. Another form to present HNW and ANW sounds very far from the typical covers and artworks invented in 1979 for the pioneers of noise. For those who like the hypnotic and relaxed walls of noise I recommend this recording.
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