Monday, 18 August 2014


Year:   2013
Country:   US
City:   Milwaukee , Wisconsin
Artist:   ?
Label:   none
Format:   CD   
Tracks:   9
Time:   35 min.
Genre:   electronic
Style:     Power Noise

SILENT HERETIC is a one-man Power Noise act from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. Harsh, distorted kicks, ambient backgrounds, fucked-up synths and militant drums. Devoted 100% to creating noise and fucking shit up. Sadly I know few about this project and its artist but I can to affirm he recorded very good albums like this "Apophis" which is a powerful combination of ultra distorted beats, keyboards and electronic sounds. There is a total absence of human voices, chorus or similars, and the tracks are very similars between each, but I liked this album since first listened and here is. In his Bandcamp you can listen to more recordings and maybe you prefer another one.
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