Thursday, 4 September 2014


"Sans album"
Year:    2013
Country:     France
City:     Limousin
Label:     Alter sonic
Format:     CD
Edition:     25 copies
Tracks:     9
Time:     56 min.
Genre:     electronic
Style:             Experimental             Field Recordings

CHARLES PREMIER is the surname under which Laurent Choquel record a lot of experimental music tracks and works in many different directions, genres and sub-styles, from noise, radionoise or field recordings, to space, drone or ambient. He also use sometimes human voice samples, classical music instruments (piano, violin, etc.) or all type of sounds into the "field recordings" label such as: wind, rain, cars, streets, etc. "Field recordings" is the term used for an audio recording produced outside of a recording studio. Field recordings can be either of two varieties. Field recording of natural sounds, also called "phonography" (a term chosen to illustrate its similarities to photography), was originally developed as a documentary adjunct to research work in the field and foley work for film. With the introduction of high-quality portable recording equipment, it has subsequently become an evocative artform in itself. In the 1970s both processed and natural phonographic recordings (pioneered by Irv Teibel's Environments series) became popular. Laurent Choquel has recorded some tracks more techno and break beat oriented like "Uni​-​Vari", a great piece of music not mainstream at all.

ALTER SONIC RECORDS is an independent netlabel that welcomes musicians and sound artists with their wishes, and that contributes to the physical and digital distribution of their works. Styles represented are varied, between experimental, electro-acoustic, musique concrète, noise and industrial, field recording and drone. This is not so much a style that is desired but a state of mind and a way of being. Alter Sonic records attaches great importance to freedom of expression through the creation. To buy this release in physical CD format you can go  HERE .
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