Saturday, 6 September 2014


Year:   2002
Country:   Israel
City:  Tel Aviv
Label:   Topheth Prophet
Format:   CD
Tracks:   10
Time:   43 min.
Genre:   electronic
Style:     Industrial     Noise

The man behind this mind throbbing noise project is an important yet somewhat hidden figure in the israelian hardcore / punk scene. His previous bands and projects include XUse ForceX (1996), Moribund Fauna (1998), Kakal 15 (1999) and My Uniform Is Blacker (2000). USF, a legendry skate-punk / grindcore group, even wrote a song about him! In 2002 he officialy moved on from his hardcore / crust projects to more electronic and noisy stuff. It might not be suitable for the ears of your everyday punk but I think it’s pretty awesome. His anarchism, atheism and anti-fascism principles are know for the whole israelian underground scene. In this debut "Demo" the battle between Rome and Jerusalem continues through the ages. Spirituality vs. Materialism , Civitate Dei vs. Sin City but where is Rome ? and where is Jerusalem… and which is which ???
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