Sunday, 14 September 2014


"Noble niche"
Year:   2011
Country:   Japan
City:   Tokyo
Label:   Mille Plateaux rec.
Format:   CD
Tracks:   12
Time:   36
Genre:   electronic
Style:          Glitch          Noise          Ambient

I know very few the label "Mille Plateaux" but I get listen to some releases and I can to affim with security I like in general this label, its artists and its way to work. Last discover to me is this musician from Japan called Yu Miyashita, a man who it seem to mix glitch and soft electronic music, with harder sounds near to pure electronic noise. There are no melodic parts and noisy parts, but both together in the same song. If I am not wrong he has recorded 2 albums and in brief we will the other here in this blog. For those who like KK Null, Ryoji Ikeda, Autechre, Pan Sonic or even some Merzbow "soft" tracks, I recommend this artist and of course this album.
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