Sunday, 26 October 2014


Year:   2013
Country:   Spain
City:   Valencia
Label:   Luscinia rec.
Format:   CD
Tracks:   6
Time:   42 min.
Genre:   acoustic
Style:       Free Jazz       Free Improvisation

JOSEP LLUIS GALIANA is an free improviser, saxophonist, composer and musicologist, Galiana is a musician who has been trained in various aesthetic trends and musical genres such as free improvisation, contemporary classical, electroacoustics and jazz. Recently, he has published an essay "Quartet de la Deriva - La improvisación libre y la teoría de la deriva". Actually, he's secretary of Spanish Electroacoustic Music Association. Transitions collects concert recording that saxophonist, composer and writer JOSEP LLUIS GALIANA and percussionist and sound and visual artist based in Valencia Galician Avelino Saavedra offered in the room that "Sala Plutón CC" of Valencia city (May 11, 2013). JOSEP LLUIS GALIANA is a true "maniac", a man of conviction, a crusader for free music. That’s what he has in common with people like John Zorn, Peter Brötzmann or Ken Vandermark – he just can’t help it (somebody recently said that he will have to play until his body refuses to go on and that this was clear from the very beginning when he started making music). On the other hand he has entertained us with dozens of projects and he seems to be on top of his prolific creativity at the moment, as his involvement in Ensemble Impromptu, M4cchina Ensemble, Gali Saxo Solo,  as well as in duos with Seidagasa, Jimenez, Pep Llopis, Rafa Xambo, Carlos D. Perales or Avelino Saavedra. Frankly this is my first contact with Free Jazz and is not always easy to listen to but often rewarding, this is another accomplished effort from the Valencian-based virtuoso duet. Without doubt here we are in front of high quality level and a very creative work. If somebody want to buy this physical CD can write HERE .
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Here below a book written by Galiana about "Free Improvisation" music theories.

"Music & Politics" is an interesting article written also by Galiana which you can read HERE .