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Year:    2005
Country:    Germany
Label:    Hands prod.
Format:    CD
Tracks:    12
Time:    60 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:           Power Noise

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Year:   2006
Country:   Germany
City:   Rostock
Label:  Hands prod.
Format:  CD
Tracks:  17
Time:  65 min.
Genre:  electronic
Style:       Power Noise

S.K.E.T. is a power noise project from Rostock (East Germany) that began in 1994 and formed by: Kai Christian Hahnewald, Andreas Jäckel and Candy Schlüer. They had been also before in other musical projects in electronic genre such as: techno, minimal, acidcore, EBM, IDM, electro, etc. So is not strange at all to see these three musician to do this great album entitled "Baikonur" (2006). Once I read in a musical blog similar to see a man to say this one ("Baikonur") was his best power noise album ever. I personally am not sure to affirm this is "the best", but yes, I think is a very good album, charged of good rhythms, noises, electronic effects and distorted beats. And well, there is just distorted beats, I think there are also another influences from similar musical fields like techno, electro or "european rave sound".
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"Depleted uranium weapons"
Year:   2009
Country:   Germany
City:   Berlin
Label:  Hands prod.
Format:   CD
Tracks:   14
Time:   45 min.
Genre:   electronic
Style:       Power Noise

On their debut album, Aktivist, S.K.E.T. made a name for themselves with a sound that was both energetic and rhythmically complex. Now with their third album, Depleted Uranium Weapons, S.K.E.T. takes their unique electro-industrial sound to the next level. Combining layers of noisy electronica sounds with groove-laden electro beats and the rhythmic intensity that has become their trademark, S.K.E.T. are primed and ready to reinvent the genre. The CD is packaged in the typical Hands paper pack with a 12-pages booklet designed by Nicola Bork. More on the concept behind Depleted Uranium Weapons: Different sources state about 330 - 375 metric tons of DU ammunition was fired in the 1991 gulf war, 7 - 20 metric tons on the Balkan conflict in 1999 and about 1000 metric tons in the 2003 Iraq conflict, mostly in cities or urban areas. DU ammunition has also been used in the Afghan conflict and in Somalia. After almost twenty years of using DU weapons the long-term consequences are still unknown. After the first gulf war in 1991 in the area of Basrah (south Iraq) cases of cancer rose ten times and there have been twenty times more babies with congenital deformities. Current studies of the effects of the use of DU show there is no doubt that uranium ammunitions are to blame.
(*NOTE : this review is an extract from HERE ).
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