Saturday, 4 October 2014


Year:  2014
Country:   Costa Rica
City:   San Jose
Artist:   Sergio Wiesengrund & Ronald Bustamante
Label:   none
Format:   net
Tracks:   6
Time:   25
Genre:   electronic
Style:      Experimental      Noise      Glitch

ACCORDING TO THE ARTIST : Asceticism while being as a purification exercise is essential. It is the denial of carnal pleasures of their abstinence. His most important lesson: "You have to stop thinking about the appetite of things" in terms of the philosopher and economist Max Weber, a "disenchantment of the world". In our societies, and policies, lose the taste of things is to realize that we live in worlds of meaning that nihilizan the "fire" of our cities, we live in our cities burning rituals. Losing the taste for the ritual, the world, Celine Dion. Asceticism means being political agents.

REVIEW : Experimental music project which make also another styles such as: ambient, drone, glitch, shoegaze, harsh noise, electro-acoustic or even musique concrète. Each release is totally different from other and you can feel many different sensations, from crude and cold noise to soft and almost “empty” ambient. Despite his Experimental style his music has also some political ideas and principles which appear in the songs in form of spoken words, speeches, TV adverts,etc. The project is run by Sergio from Costa Rica since 2012 and he has already recived some awards in his country, in the field of experimental and avantgarde music. This entitled "Ascestismo" effort from Sergio W. has been a long time coming for me.  Though another southamerican projects has long since found recognition through several well-received releases on Costa Rica´s scene and, most recently, with "Imago", his last personal excursion with the music of THE WIESENGRUND PROJECT recorded recently, which, having only begun my work in reviewing a short few months prior, I admittedly gave an embarrassingly amateur write-up for.  In those days, we were both evolving out of humble beginnings towards some meager acknowledgment of our respective crafts, and it’s a welcome sight to see an artist who has devoted himself almost exclusively to his own cathartic release gaining a tremendous amount of respect within the suddenly ever-burgeoning underground of noise metal hybrids. One can transform in any way or direction, and it seems appropriate that this album could be, in retrospect, all about a trial by fire:  burning away the emptiness and the material, and arriving in the end with nothing but your naked self and simply coming to terms with life as it is.  Brief, maybe he will become a true and a good rival to artist like KK Null or Ryoji Ikeda? About the cover? awesome and the best of his complete discography.
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