Sunday, 30 November 2014


Year:   2014
Country:   France
City:   Suin
Artist:   Rudy Avatici & Chris XFnX
Label:   Attenuation Circuit rec.
Format:   net
Tracks:   11
Time:   56 min.
Genre:   electronic
Style:       Power Noise

Throughout my life related to music , I must confess I started too late to learn electronic music , techno and even some dance . But I always come to the same conclusion : I like the French electronic music . There are plenty of bands , projects and hexagonal DJs country I like. Just as ( for example) about the music I like Industrial many names in Germany. This time it is the turn to NEIGHBOURS HUNTERS, a French duo that individually make their musical career but , this time , have come together to do what they do best : Power Noise. Call it Power Noise , Techno Noise or Rhythmic Noise , I do not know if there are more names for the same thing nearby electronic noise harsh noise and overwhelming buzz reminiscent of the classic techno, that is, to dance music . But I really doubt that in conventional clubs I pinched a NEIGHBOURS HUNTERS not even stop to enter the premises to public loves this duo ... ha ha! Specifically, in short : they are great , super- powerful , rhythmic and quality Noise legends that Japanoise can imagine. Maybe the future is back in Europe. Excellent Power Noise.
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