Friday, 14 November 2014


"Heterogenic suffering"
Year:    2012
Country:    Italy
City:    Naples
Label:    Sirona rec.
Format:    net
Tracks:    13
Time:    50 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:             Power Noise

Under the name of "Painburn" we find a self-taught musician veteran who began his career in the early 80s PAINBURN then played in the legendary Italian anarcho-punk band "CONTROPOTERE". A band began recording songs more or less predictable and conventional, but years later experimented with other musical styles like industrial, metal or goth. After the experience with "CONTROPOTERE" (10 years of activity) PAINBURN decided to pursue his musical career as a solo artist and in 2011 he completely abandoned rock music to experiment with electronic music in his aggressive side: industrial, harsh noise, breakcore, hip-hop, etc. There are avaible several PAINBURN recordings totally free in net-platfforms like, bandcamp, lastfm, etc. and other releases are still only avaible in physical format like CD. In my opinion the best aspect of this album is its stylistic variety, so there is not just power noise or breakcore, but also industrial rhythms, downtempo, hip-hop and even little ambient influences. Just on the first listen, your ears can perceive that the album will be interesting, varied and original. Neither extreme harsh noise without meaning or power noise too "mainstream" but a balance, simply an example of how to create a shape of noise, with a rhythmic bases clearly influenced by techno and hip-hop music. The french net-label "Sirona Records" (run by the also musician Arnaud Barbe) decided in 2012 to made and promote this release and I think it took a very good election. My favourite track no doubt: "Death Is The Future".
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