Tuesday, 30 December 2014



"Cold title"
Year:    2014
Country:    UK
City:    Nottingham
Artist:    Benjamin Hallat
Label:    KIKS / Girlfriend
Format:    CD
Tracks:    5
Time:    40 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:            Abstract

Noise and experimental project started in 2013 by Benjamin Hallatt, who currently lives in Nottingham, UK. He has recorded until date three releases and one vinyl EP under name KAY HILL. In fact we can to affirm this is "non music" but "textural composition". 40 minutes of far left field recordings, radio noise, abstract music and simple (not easy) minimalism. Softly textured magnetic tape defects, sub frequency analogue synthesizer with masterful four track tape production. Thick Card A4 Insert Sleeve. Some genius, some beauty has plumbed in a working CD + plastic bag to the motherboard at "KIKS / Girlfriend Records". I learnt about this a couple of weeks ago so I tentatively put in a couple of tracks just to see if this unknown peoject had quality and... it worked! Is perhaps the more similar to field recordings or ambient noise you can to imagine, but never fast or sattured, but the opposite... textural, ambiental almost empty. I expected something like that, because "KIKS / Girlfriend Records" releases use to being played slowly and with an style very experimental. So, this one doesn´t dissapointed me at all. Calm and quiet, but not bored. A continuous line of very little sounds, noises and simple small things which leave your ears to transmitt some sensations and feelings to your brain and after... everybody can to imagine what it want. In fact, I think you (and me) we can to have an opinion different each day we listen to it, it depends of our humour, concentration, etc. Some people describe this music as ambient noise, but in Russia many people use the name "radio noise" to describe it, even If the artists didn´t use a radio to create these sounds. Special mention too about this special package: CD + plastic bag, which result original and fun. Eternal thanks to the label to trust in this web-zine and send music and also for supporting these kind of cultural initiatives. If somebody want to buy this physical release can to write HERE  or also HERE .
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