Tuesday, 13 January 2015


Year:    2015
Country:    Japan , USA
Label:    Attenuation Circuit
Format:    LP
Edition:    300 copies
Tracks:    2
Time:  38 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:       Harsh Noise

K2 is Japanese noise musician Kimihide Kusafuka who was active since the early 80s and produced a number of tapes and CDs, particularly for his own label "Kinky Music Institute". And the other side of the album was made by Allan Zane better known as ARCANUM and SIR BEAR TRAPPER, who comes from Sylva, North Carolina (USA). Both have made this album but not together, but as an split, each side is different. Something about the simmering, shrieking attack of noise adds to already destructive music. It gives everything an edge and burn and cuts straight to the bone like a blade steeped in fire and left to whiten. Suddenly all flesh becomes butter beneath the blade. And noise is working its way into everything. But you know what? Good. Even though it's been being incorporated for a long, long, long time. K2 noise (and also ALLAN ZANE no doubt) resides in the background and I'll admit I wish it were turned up some. However, once tracks like “Mirror For Colored Sin” come on the extreme electronic harsh noise is fully lunched. “Zerstört Musik” might even better, but is impossible to me to choose a favourite track, because both working in the more extreme side of noise. It's frantic with skipping, scratching noise. Walker's distant, blistering screams add to the dark, blip laden atmosphere. The two songs evokes the feeling of a late night television gone full static to a snuff film. It's totally chaotic and disordered, not structured at all. I have not seen this release on physical format yet, but it looks nice and awesome. If somebody want to buy this vinyl LP can to write HERE .
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"Iron culture"
Year:    1996
Country:    Japan
City:    Tokyo
Artist:    Kimihide Kusafuka
Label:    Self abuse rec.
Format:    EP
Edition:    20 copies
Tracks:    2
Time:    12 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:        Noise

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