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"the red soul"
Year:    2018
Country:    Netherlands, Russia
Label:    Sofa
Format:    CD
Tracks:    14
Genre:    electronic
Style:            Abstract

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Year:    2015
Country:    Netherlands
City:    Rotterdam
Label:     Glistening Examples
Format:    CD
Tracks:   1
Time:    31 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:            Abstract

"Sneeuwstorm" ("Snowstorm" in Inglés) is a half-hour epic of a release, appearing under Dutch musician Rutger Zuydervelt's own name rather than better-Known Machinefabriek His moniker. As I understand it, Zuydervelt sent some sketches to saxophonists Otto Kokke and Colin Webster, lowest Recorded improvisations responding to the material. All of These fragments Were then a edited together into a finished piece, with additional samples and electric guitar added by Zuydervelt.

The basic macro-level structure of "Sneeuwstorm" is quite easy: start off really quiet, Gradually build into a howling blizzard of cacophony, then a drop to near-silence Suddenly again; repeat. This process unfolds several times THROUGHOUT the piece, and yet each time it happens, the timbral and textural details are Substantially different. Sometimes the unprocessed voices of the saxophones are Clearly distinguished from Zuydervelt's subtle electronics and electric guitar, but at other points there is ambiguity as to the source of the sounds Heard: required, intricate details are revealed, only to be swept up in a disorienting flurry of tones. "Sneeuwstorm" thus plays with what Might be called visibility, with the wide territory lying Between the poles clear / unclear and distinct / indistinct. It is in esta sense That the piece Closely Resembles ITS MOST eponymous weather event.

Sometimes I get the sense That the music strays a little too close to expressive dramatics for my taste, tipping more Towards a sort of theatrical representation (what do I feel When I encounter a snowstorm?) Than a becoming-snowstorm (What Becomes-snowstorm beyond all human responses?). Whenever I do, however we, the little details bring me back: the totally unexpected use of owners snatch of field recording, for example, or the wonderful static swishes near the end. This is a fine and ambitious work from Mr. Zuydervelt, lowest DESPITE His immense and much-lauded discography Seems intent on pushing himself forward Towards ever-Greater Challenges; Also it's a nice introduction to the work of Kokke and Webster." (*review from FLUID RADIO ).

Year:    2010
Country:    Netherlands
City:    Amsterdam
Label:    Cold Spring
Format:    CD
Tracks:   5
Time:    78 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:           Ambient           Modern Classical

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Year:    2006
Country:    Netherlands
City:    Rotterdam
Artist:    Rutger Zuydervelt
Label:    Lampse rec.
Format:    CD
Tracks:    6
Time:    50 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:           Modern Classical           Noise

BIOGRAPHY : Born on 28 July 1978 in Apeldoorn (The Netherlands), but now living in Rotterdam, Rutger Zuydervelt started working as Machinefabriek in 2004. The name (which means ‘machine factory’) was on the façade of a building Rutger passed everytime he went shopping for groceries. Rutger had some piano and guitar lesson in his youth, but never went to study music. Instead he studied graphic design at the art academy in Arnhem and is still working as a (freelance) designer, combining it with his musical career. Performing live has been an important expression for Machinefabriek. Gigs were played in countries all over the globe, including Russia, Israel, Canada, Switserland, Spain, Chech Republic, Germany, England, and -obviously- The Netherlands. Lucky to be in a music scene where it’s easy and rewarding to meet fellow musicians, Rutger collaborated (on record, or live) with artists like Ralph Steinbrüchel, Aaron Martin, Peter Broderick, Frans de Waard, Wouter van Veldhoven, Simon Nabatov, Xela, Simon Scott, Gareth Hardwick and Tim Catlin amongst others. More and more, Rutger is involved in art projects, like dance pieces, films and sculptures. A path Rutger will be following some more...

REVIEW : listening to this "Marijn" we have the impression that  music combines elements from classical music instruments such as: piano, celo or violin, to harsh noise to ambient and also drone landscapes. First time I wrote this line I thought... this is an oxymoron, is not possible... but at all. Rutger Zuydervelt show how he is talented to dominate this three musical styles and combine them with perfect harmony. This is not contemporary music nor free jazz and nothing similar. Here there is not a chaos sensation but our ears can to percive a little and almost "soft" noises with echoes of ambient and some parts played by classical piano. And the result is not "snob" at all, this is easy music to listen to it. It does not matter your musical knowledge, cultural level, musical theories or age. Don't worry. Easy to listen to it, easy to enjoy it... I think this is just the purpouse of music, and Art in general.
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