Sunday, 22 February 2015


"Four years older"
Year:    2013
Country:    US
City:    New York
Label:    Editions MEGO
Format:    LP

Tracks:    2
Time:     36 min.
Genre:    rock
style:              Experimental              Noise           Guitar

Experimental guitarist Alan Licht first got his start as a member of such outfits as Blue Humans, Love Child, and Run On, as his playing style has been likened as a combination of free jazz (Derek Bailey) and minimalism (LaMonte Young). Since the mid-’90s, Licht has been issuing solo albums on a regular basis (on several different record labels) — 1995’s Sink the Aging Process, a whopping three releases in 1996 alone (Two Nights, Live in New York City, and The Evan Dando of Noise), plus 1999’s Rabbi Sky.
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"Rabbi sky"
Year:    1999
Country:    US
City:    New YorkLabel:    Siltbreeze
Format:    CD
Tracks:    1
Time:    39 min.
Genre:    electronic , rock
Style:           Noise           Experimental           Guitar

The New York noise guitar player steps further into the world of drone-minimalism with this recording, producing symphonic clouds of ecstatic noise with his instrument. As if in a vacuum, the six strings seem to continuously build toward an imminent crescendo that never comes. Equal parts rock & roll spirit and serious minimalism, on Rabbi Sky the traffic-guitar noise of Sonic Youth meets the monochromatic sensibility of Steve Reich, making a hypnotic album that grows with repeated listens, each time revealing a new layer of texture within its wash of guitar noise. (*NOTE = this review was written by Dean McFarlane ).
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