Saturday, 21 February 2015


Year:    2009
Country:    US
City:    Detroit
Artist:   Nate Young
Label:    Ideal rec.
Format:   CD
Tracks:    7
Time:    35 min.
Genre:   electronic
Style:       Noise       Ambient       Experimental

Detroit based Nate Young formed Wolf Eyes as a solo project a bit over fifteen years ago, probably right after he left Nautical Almenac. He was soon joined by Aaron Dilloway in ‘98 and John Olson in 2000. Dilloway dissapeared to Nepal and was replaced by Hair Police beast Mike Connely.  Enough of the Wolf Eyes history lesson, we are now at 2009 and Young is releasing one of his strongest works ever, the deep and impressive Regression solo album on iDEAL! Analog synths, tape delays, loops - presented in a restrained, relaxed and controlled way. This makes the music even more sick and dark than the WE sound. I guess Young was inspired by vintage horror movie soundtracks, 70’s ambient synth stuff and intoxication. These things comes to my mind anyways. Nate Young is here proving that he is covering a wide range of experimental music and that he is no doubt one of the few masterminds in the rougher parts of electronic music. iDEAL is highly recommending this to anyone claiming to be interested in synth and tape music. All right. During over te years Nate Young has a lot of diferent musical projects such as: Beast People, The, Beast, The, Bitchin' Summer, Demons, Frozen Alive Men, Greh Wolfs, Half Case, Hatred, Mini-Systems, Mongoloid Men, Moon Pool & Dead Band, Stare Case, Sub Aquatics, Toxoplasmosis, Turkeys, Waste Ground and of course his most celebrity band: Wolf Eyes.
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