Saturday, 28 March 2015


Year:    2010
Country:    Spain
City:    Madrid
Music:    Juan Antonio Nieto
Artwork:      Almudena Villar
Label:    Surrism Phonoethics
Format:   digital
Tracks:   12
Time:   36 min.
Genre:   electronic
Style:              Experimental

"Test" is one of the many JUAN ANTONIO NIETO recordings and the second I must to review. The main goal of this spanish musician is the experimental music in capital letters no doubt, but to get this musical style, he use all kind of strategies and techniques (noise, cut & paste, circuit bent, field recordings, radio noise, and more). I already had a very good impresion with his "Shorcut" (2014), an EP really awesome and also I had my positive reaction when I hear him continue in this "Test" now. Always seen him as being truly unique within a genre where it can sometimes be all too easy and, perhaps more adequately stated, common for projects to tread the same tirelessly worn paths of also spanish artists such as Francisco Lopez, Miguel A. Garcia or Javier Piñago. The experimental music scene is quite small in that (my) country but is also true there are really good musicians with truly good and original ideas and points of view. Specially I like the way of JUAN NIETO working, manipulate and distorted small pieces, small sounds and very small noises. I think this is not ambient nor noise neither perhaps 100% experimental, but a mix of these three elements. Another detail is the cover, back and artwork in the majority of his recordings, which I think are original, positive and even optyimistic, far from some harsh noise topics too much repeated. The artist behind these artworks called Almudena Villar, who it seem longtime ago work next to JUAN ANTONIO NIETO in the graphic field. About his "economical policy"? the most of his releases are almost always avaible totally free for everybody in different sites and net-plattforms, fact which I love in the musicians and sincerely, in all kind of artists. You can listen to this release and to think your conclusion. I recommend it.
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