Wednesday, 18 March 2015


"Girls fucking shit up"
Year:    2000
Country:    UK
City:    Brighton
Label:     Digital Hardcore rec.
Format:    LP , CD
Tracks:    15
Time:     32 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:         Breakcore         Punk

LOLITA STORM is a breakcore band from the UK consisting of Nhung Napalm, Romy Bonilla, Jimmy Too Bad and Spex. They released their single debut "Goodbye America" in 1999 on the "Rabid Badger" label. N.M.E. subsequently made this their "Single of the Week". In 2000 they released "Girls Fucking Shit Up", their best known work to date, on german label "Digital Hardcore Recordings". This label also released two singles from the album: "Red Hot Riding Hood" and "Hot Lips Wet Pants". They followed "Girls Fucking Shit Up" with an EP, "Sick Slits". LOLITA STORM's last single, "Studio 666 Smack Addict Commandos" was released on "555 Recordings". Musically, LOLITA STORM can be described as a mix of breakcore, noise, industrial, with chanted punk lyrics about sex, drugs, social issues and feminism of a comical rather than deeply political form, put to a backdrop of generally highly aggressive digital noise. LOLITA STORM perform infamously short live sets, usually just over 10 minutes. And in brief this album are fifteen tracks in less than thirty minutes. Two minute blasts of passion, lust and chaos, disorder. A joyfully vicious celebration of girls getting their own way and to hell with what anyone thinks. With complete disregard for conventional songwriting and sound quality the album explodes with great pop tunes that worm their way inside your head and then progressively destroy neural connections until your brain is pulp and the only signal it can send is the one that puts a stupid smile on your face. The rhythmic section, for example, is sometimes clean electronic beats, and sometimes lo-fi distorted drums. Screams, digital guitars, noise... chaos and obnoxious.

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