Sunday, 12 April 2015


Year:    2013
Country:    Russia
City:    Omsk
Label:    Hiroshima Toy Pet rec.
Format:  net
Tracks:    2
Time:    24 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:          Field Recordings

Anton Gudkov from Omsk, Siberia (Russia) is active in the experimental music since 2009 and he has already recorded  twenty seven releases in different formats (cd, cassette, mp3, etc.). The same has happened with his music which can be extreme harsh noise or ambient or drone or field recordings. This last style was recorded in 20013 under the title of "5.8.10.". A kind of short release or EP in mp3 format, two tracks and no more than twenty minutes of sounds from his own city of Omsk.
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"Magic cosmic wall"
Year:    2010
Country:    Russia
City:    Omsk
Label:    Qulture Production
Format:    net
Tracks:    2
Time:    28 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:         Ambient          Noise

This lengthy long album entitled "Magic cosmic wall" finds a kind of brutal junk harsh noise wixed with some space, ambient and drone phragments. Brutal and at the same time soft two tracks album, layered and searing wall of extreme noise that both batters and roasts your mind in equal measures. This mp3 album is avaible totally free in several sites like, lastfm, "Qulture Production" or in the official artist label site "Hiroshima Toy Pet Records". As said, features raw, metallic and junk huge noise propel or, in other hand, just to opposite, the landscapes or very small sounds like ambient and drone oriented. The noise built around a swirled sonic storm of: huge and vast textural roars, billowing  wind like shrieks, deep metallic rages and furnace like engulfs'n'descends. No one tone or element is at the centre of th "wall" it all sort of attacks you on mass in a unrelenting yet engrossing chaos. Yet for all it’s textural swirl and shift it never looses it space / noise quality as BOOBY MASON knits a tight, persistent and unbreakable sonic bricking up around you.
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