Wednesday, 15 April 2015


"Eden To Abyss"
Year:    2015
Country:    US
Label:    AlterCulture
Format:    CD
Genre:    electronic
Style:            Industrial           EBM

"Eden to Abyss" marks Mindless Faith's sixth full length CD. Their triple-distilled, aggressive sound produces anthems that go from chants to wails, whispers to growls, and some stunning guest female vocalists. The lyrics are crafted to provoke some critical thought, while an infectious mix of synths and grinding guitars converge with a core of rocking beats and throbbing bass. Pushing far beyond any stereotypical industrial sound, Mindless Faith infuses their songs with occasional elements of hip-hop, acoustic guitar, reggae-dub, trip-hop, and a rare glimpse of 1940's big band and 1970's funk. While strange on paper, these ingredients come together to great effect and enhance the themes of each song.
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"Just defy"
Year:    2012
Country:    US
City:    Baltimore
Label:    AlterCulture rec.
Format:    CD
Tracks:    11
Time:    52 min.
Genre:    electronic , rock
Style:            Industrial          EBM

REVIEW: MINDLESS FAITHhas emerged as one of the true, rising forces in the underground. Their perfect balance of intricate electronic arrangements, grinding textures and strong beats creates an EBM, industrial and sometimes even thrash-metal sound that become the mixture ultra dynamic, almost explosive. Where a lot of bands stick to formulas, MINDLESS FAITH push the envelope with their diversity, giving each song its own pace and mood while incorporating elements from different genres. On their fifht album MINDLESS FAITH continue to deliver a pure dose of EBM with some distorted rock guitars in few passages.

AlterCulture Records" is a very small independent record label, intent on releasing quality electronic music, promoting social justice, peace and introducing prospectives to challenge people to think critically about the world around them. "AlterCulture" was launched by Chris Sevanick in June 1995 with the cassette release of MINDLESS FAITH's The Silence.
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