Saturday, 6 June 2015


Year:    2015
Country:    Netherlands
City:    Utrecht
Label:    Moving Furniture Records
Format:    LP
Edition:    300 copies
Tracks:   4
Time:   45 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:           Experimental          Drone          Glitch

ZENO VAN DEN BROEK (also known as MACHINIST) works in a multidisciplinary approach on a synergy of the audial, the visual and the spatial. Originally trained as an architect, his perspective is focused on spatiality in sound and vision, and in manipulating this spatiality in constructed time and space. To do so, he uses different ways of expression: harsh noise, field recordings, ambient,  albums, performances, installations and paintings. Zeno aims to create additional spatial layers in the space in which the work is being heard, seen or performed, thereby creating a spatial consciousness. He works with sound sources such as sine waves and white harsh noise, creating site-specific patterns of interference and fully utilizing the acoustics of the space. The sound merges with the existing architecture of the venue, creating new fluid spaces in which the position of the auditor alters his/her experience. The live performances of Zeno are a one-off and non-repeatable spatial intervention.
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REVIEW : ZENO VAN DEN BROEK or MACHINIST are two project that has apparently completely evaded my radar since the year 2006! Always amazing that one can find new things after this many years in the noise scene. "Moving Furniture Records" was the label which decided to make and distribute this awesome vinyl LP, the high quality running experimental label. Presented as a vinyl LP, has a very clean sound of "soft", "dirty" ambient and echoes, much reminding me of a mix between the groups  and . Sure, they are great starting points but I’m not sure that ZENO VAN DEN BROEK ever truly reaches the same heights as those acts, but the sounds also differ in some unique ways which make this worth a listen for fans of either of those acts. This is a great album, very fun yet still consistent in aesthetic. The experimental aspects of the sounds really add to the release which is rare for an already experimental genre. Honestly I’m even still perplexed by "Divergence" II yet I can see this material growing on me in the future even though I already like it a lot.
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