Sunday, 5 July 2015


"Hommikune ujuja"
Year:    2013
Country:    Latvia
City:   Riga
Artist:    Kirils Lomunovs
Label:    Entropy rec.
Format:    CD
Edition:    1970 copies
Tracks:    14
Time:   70 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:           Glitch          Ambient          Noise

Latvian sound designer and Kolka-Music label founder, has been featured as a key figure of the Latvian electronic music scene for producing some of the most essential experimental electronic and ambient music of the past years. In the beginning of 2002 Kirils Lomunovs a.k.a. Kriipis Tulo completed an album entitled Hommikune Ujuja. The feeling of soaking in warm and soft water in a swimming pool where two young people - a boy and a girl - meet each other runs through all tracks of Hommikune Ujuja. Sympathizing each other at the first sight they fall in love and enjoy each other staying together. Everything takes place here - in the swimming pool where unceasing murmur of the water runs through the romanticism and tenderness of Hommikune Ujuja track and happy-go-lucky time carelessly spent beside the soda pop machine in Päevane Ujuja. Finally, complete dissolution in the water and each other - Ööne Ujuja. Hommikune Ujuja album is the script of the movie that was never filmed. It is a dream... only a beautiful dream. Ambient, Abstract, Noise, Glitch, Experimental, IDM, Dub Techno...
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