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"Mister anyhow"
Year:    2014
Country:   US
City:   Coatesville, Pennsylvania
Label:  none
Format:  CD
Tracks:    10
Time:  50 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:           Field Recordings

PHILIP PERKINS (born 1951) has been involved in experimental music since the mid-1960’s. He now works as a noted sound effects designer for documentary films. As a musician or sound engineer, he has collaborated with "Blue" Gene Tyranny, The Residents (making videos and recording Stars and Hank for ever & The Tune Of Two Cities), Carl Stone, amongst others. He ran his own label Fun Music from 1979 to 1996 (?). This is his actual website where you can read about all his activities,collaborations and productions. This album entitled "Mister anyhow" are more and deeper explorations of the use of found, appropriated, recorded and synthesized sounds in live-in-the-studio mixes from 2011 to 2014.
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"Neighborhood with a sky (bird variations)"
Year:    1982
Country:    US
City:   Coatesville, Pennsylvania
Label:    Fun Music
Format:    CD
Tracks:    10
Time:   50 min..
Genre:    electronic
Style:           Field Recordings

Electronic music composer Philip Perkins has worked in film and collaborated with a variety of West Coast experimental musicians, including The Residents and The Hub. The Pennsylvanian first started working with tape during high school, while playing in pop/rock bands. He directed experimental films throughout the '70s, including Crownfire (1973), Patchwork (1977), and Gila (1979), and co-founded the Eugene Filmmaker's Cinemateque in Oregon with Scott Fraser, among others. After graduating with a liberal arts degree from the University of the Pacific in 1973, Perkins studied filmmaking with David Foster for a couple of years, then moved to San Francisco, where he served on the board of the Canyon Cinema Cooperative from 1978-1981. During this time, Perkins changed his focus to making electronic music. With Fraser, "Blue" Gene Tyranny, and others, Perkins ran the Fun Music label, formed in 1979. His collaborations with the Residents also began that year. For the next five years, Perkins made videos for Ralph Records artists, and recorded and toured with the Residents. He went on to collaborate with conductor and vocalist Frederick Goff and computer group the Hub (Computer Network Music). Perkins has also received commissions for his radio works, resulting in "South Florida Remote" (1988), "Berkeley Remote" (1989), and "San Francisco Remote," which feature live musicians interacting with custom electronics. In 2013 a collection of Perkins' compositions for a mid-'80s AM radio show for morning commuters saw re-release on the Body Double label. The collection Drive Time was originally released in a small issue in 1985 and bore the same name as the show the pieces were made for. (*NOTE = this bio is an extract from HERE ).
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