Saturday, 8 August 2015


"Buddhas of golden ight"
Year:    1984
Country:    Finland
City:    Helsinki
Label:    O Records
Format:    LP , CD
Tracks:    4
Time:    35 min.
Genre:    electronic ,  jazz
Style:           Krautrock           Experimental

PEKKA AIRAKSINEN is best known as the founding member of The Sperm, a batshit 60s finnish ensemble that combined free jazz, zoned minimalism, and Artaudian theatrical hijinks in a fashion that one could only pull off back in those halcyon days. They only made one LP, the painfully rare Shh!, but it seems as though the music was never really the thing: neither rock band, jazz band, nor academic avant-garde group, The Sperm were more a precursor to what would become the noise underground, albeit with more of a high-concept performance art bent than many of their offspring. Theirs was a flame which burned white-hot and quick as they traversed the Finnish countryside, violating taboos and obscenity laws, courting legal action, and even managing (as legend has it) to land one of its members in a psychiatric ward for having sex onstage during one of their performances. PEKKA AIRAKSINEN goes even deeper and weirder. Rarely do his descendents deign to sound so willfully grotty, so smilingly damaged. Though debatably not as doggedly senses-bending as his earlier work (which, by the way, is also overdue for reissue), "Buddhas of golden light" may be even more individual, and it's great news that it's accessible again.
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