Friday, 2 October 2015


Year:    1972
Country:   Germany
City:    Raguhn-Jeßnitz
Label:    Spiegelei
Format:    LP , CD
Tracks:    4
Time:    43 min.
Genre:    rock
Style:            Krautrock

With a line-up that included Basil HAMMOUDI (an ORGANISATION alumni) and Andreas HOHMANN (who played in the first KRAFTWERK album), IBLISS is closely associated to one of the most important cornerstones of krautrock. Overall, the band's style is heavily based on jams impregnated with the flavors of jazz-rock and fusion,: the psychedelic sounds serving more as adornments than as an essential element. The line-up is completed with saxophonist Rainer BÜCHEL, guitarist Wolfgang and bassist Norbert BUELLMEYER. The band's repertoire gives predominant room to percussive inputs, while the guitar and sax solos are more focused on completing the momentums or stating laid-back nuances. The band's tribal and fusion aspects are undeniably linked to ORGANISATION, but the most obvious family resemblances in style are connected to EMBRYO, XHOL and ANNEXUS QUAM (first album): there is more jazz than rock in IBLISS. The band was short-lived, with the "Supernova" album (sound engineer: Conny PLANK) being barely noticed by music critics and audiences. IBLISS is a collector's item for all krautrock lovers, as well as an impressive example of the sort of jazz-oriented trend that was developed in German's underground musical scene in the early 70s. A key band in the early history of KRAFTWERK, Ibliss featured pre-Kraftwerk Organisation members, and Andreas Hohmann the original KRAFTWERK drummer. They played heavy trippy Krautrock fusion with the accent on percussion. Their sole LP release bore the unmistakable stamp of producer/engineer Conny Plank.
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