Sunday, 14 February 2016


"Various Artists"
Year:    2016
Country:    Russia
Label:    Aero CCCP
Format:    CD
Tracks:    20
Time:    60 min.
Genre:    rock , electronic
Style:             Indie Electronic            Alternative Rock

FUTURE SOUND OF RUSSIA conducted annually by independent music festival that brings together some of the most prominent representatives of the modern scene. The first and second festivals were held in 2008-2009, collected the most relevant country teams and given rise to a wave of similar parties throughout Russia. The idea of the festival came into being after the label AEROCCCP Recordings  eponymous collection. Maxim Nazarov - the ideological inspirer of the project and owner AEROCCCP, managed to make an excellent collection of independent russian scene. In 2009 came the second AEROCCCP Recordings series "Future Sound of Russia 2". Both collected different bands and projects of the russian independent scene, both of electronic music or rock music.
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