Thursday, 14 April 2016


Year:    1970
Country:    Germany
City:  Düsselford
Label:    Wah Wah
Format:    CD , LP
Tracks:    4
Time:    60 min.
Genre:    rock
Style:           Krautrock          Free Improvisation

Annexus Quam were from Kamp-Lintfort, a suburb of Dusseldorf. Their music can best be described as an avant garde mixture of mixed jazz, rock and psychedelia. They began playing hippie rock in late 1967 under the name of 'Ambition of Music'. The following year they added members from a local evangelical brass band causing them to experiment with jazz. In late 1969 the group changed its name to Annexus Quam which translates roughly to "connection how". This name is a reference to their new take on music which blended various musical forms ranging from conventional to abstract.
In 1970 they recorded and released as a 7 piece group, Osmose, which was one of the first albums on the newly founded Ohr label. By the time they recorded Beziehungen in 1972, they had slimmed down to a 5 piece band. Not much is known about the groups demise. 2nd pressing on purple vinyl. "Annexus Quam had actually a quite long career, having their roots in the outfit Ambition Of Music, formed back in 1967 Kamp-Lintfort (near Düsseldorf). By 1970, and paying tribute to their early name, they had incorporated a whole array of influences (most important one, the inclusion of jazz instrumentation) and brewed them in what was becoming a very personal progressive fusion of styles, best witnessed in their their debut album Osmose. At that time, the band had grown into a septet formed by Uwe Bick (drums, vocals, percussion), Jürgen Jonuschies (bass, vocals, percussion), Werner Hostermann (clarinet, organ, vocals, percussion), Peter Werner (guitar, vocals, percussion), Hans Kámper (trombone, Spanish guitar, vocals, percussion), Ove Volquartz (sax) and Harald Klemm (flute, vocals, percussion). Far from a typical jazz sound, they were able to integrate rock and jazz instrumentation into a unique style, which borrowed elements from the aforementioned genres but blended those into an ultimate cosmic fusion (which can recall at times the Third Ear Band, Xhol Caravan or even Ash Ra Tempel yet remaining totally their own). Actually, Annexus Quam were able to sound meditative, doomy, stoned, aggressive, exotic and lyrical in the same track without loosing any musical coherence or perspective. With their personal style that even today defies categorization (except for that big umbrella we call kraut rock),Annexus Quam had all the inventiveness and excitement of the 1969/1970 German bands. Osmose is a most unique album by an equally unique band, housed in one of the most luxurious, elaborated and tripped-out gimmix covers ever made, now reproduced in all it's multi-folding glory. Gimmix folding-pyramidal cover!" (*NOTE = this review is from HERE ).
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