Monday, 25 April 2016


"the neon rain"
Year:    2013
Country:    Serbia
City:    Belgrade
Label:    Personal Archives
Format:    cassette
Tracks:    2
Time:    30 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:             Field Recordings

JARBOE is also known as Jane Jarboe, and the Living Jarboe; born Jarboe La Salle Devereaux) is an north american singer-songwriter and keyboardist who came to prominence as a member of the New York City based band Swans in 1985. Having played the organ since childhood and had years of professional vocal training, she, with founder Michael Gira, were the two constant members of Swans until the group broke up in 1998. She make also recordings in the field of experimental music, ambient, drone and noise, under her own name. In 2013 she make this interesting cassette next to noise musician Srdjan Eftimovski (NUNDATA) entitled "The neon rain". The tape consist on two long tracks (eighteen minutes each one), result to mix ambient, drone and field recordings. Far from NUNDATA usual extreme harsh noise, this time both artist show us their most soft musical side.
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"Semen papaveris"
Year:    2011
Country:    Serbia
City:    Belgrad
Artist:    Srdjan Eftimovski
Label:    Rainbow Bridge
Format:    cassette
Edition:    17 copies
Tracks:    3
Time:    50 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:                Experimental

NUNDATA, of is-for all I can ascertain-a drone and noise artist from Serbia, who frequents my favorite noise label, Rainbow Bridge. This release kicks off with a really disturbing sounding oscillation drone, that really feels deep. It adds layers of synth and drops out old layers, it really kept moving fairly well and for some reason, evoked emotions and images that only “Begotten” has been able to conjure, until now. The second song on the first side - “Emesis” - finds an even more disturbing set of samples, that feels like a sequel to side a’s previous track. Emesis really sounds unique, and is definitely the highlight of the album. Side B is a lot more harsh. Piercing tones permeate the soundscape and is a lot more heavy and in your face at times than the rest of the album
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Year:    2009
Country:    Serbia
Artist:    Srdjan Eftimovski
Label:    Amduscias
Format:    CD
Tracks:    4
Time:    45 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:               Noise              Drone

This is the third part of NUNDATA trilogy released by label "Amduscias Recordings" in 2009. Like the other two albums, this one is also about lyrical themes related to animals and animalism, and is just a kind to support to the animal liberation cause. Musically is for me one of the best NUNDATA works maybe because here the artist doesn't make his "typical" extreme and chaotic harsh noise, but a sort of quiet and slow noise mixed with ambient and drone landscapes. The result is more than satisfactory and I think is almost a must for those who want to know NUNDATA sound.
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