Saturday, 8 July 2017


"flat broke"
Year:    2016
Country:    Germany
City:    Berlin
Label:    Queen mum
Format:    CD, LP
Tracks:    12
Time:    30 min.
Genre:    rock
Style:            Mod            Punk

four piece band fronted by a girl called "Rosa Lux Riot" plus three guys who came from other bands of styles as: new wave, power pop, punk rock and mod music. Under the name of The Not Amused they already have recorded four albums plus this one. They come with force from Berlin and this is they definitive step to enter in the indie and alternative european scene next to other actual bands and also old bands such as: The Jam, The Rezillos, The Movement or even The Clash in its new wave era. They don't use electronic instruments at all but a classic rock ones, but they got a melodic, soft, smart and clean sound own of the new wave and mod bands.
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