Wednesday, 4 October 2017


"to the great calamity of the inhabitants"
Year:    2017
Country:    UK
City:    Brighton
Label:    Pumpkin
Format:    CD, LP
Tracks:    10
Time:    42 min.
Lyrical themes:    anarchism, pacifism
Genre:    rock
Style:            Prog Punk

This is perhaps the most important hidden gemm discovered this year 2017. An unknown band from Brighton, UK, which mix political lyrics inspired by bands such as: CRASS, Flux Of Pink Indians, Conflict, Icons Of Filth or Subhumans. But strictly music Primeval Soup has their inspiration sources in styles such: punk rock, ska, reggae and progressive rock. Another exemple of that called "Prog Punk"? maybe. The thing is their songs are elaborated, complicated and long, with changes of tempo, intensity and sound, and go from punk to ska to reggae to prog rock. Excellent album
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