Thursday, 19 April 2018


"psyence fiction"
Year:    1998
Country:    UK
City:   London
Label:    Mo Wax
Format:    CD, 2 x LP
Tracks:    11
Time:    55 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:            Downtempo            Breakbeat

Musically, the album features all the standard DJ Shadow touches (terror-filled vocal samples, unpredictable drumming, airy, atmospheric melodies), yet seems somewhat subdued. That's probably down to the vocalists - DJ Shadow clearly isn't used to writing with other people, and taking a back seat to somebody else. The musical highlights of the album come when Shadow works on his own (UNKLE Main Theme), or when he strips it back the furthest (Rabbit In Your Headlights). Nursery Rhyme and Bloodstain are exceptions to this, though that may well be because the vocalists on these tracks demand the least of the listener's attention. (One assumes Richard Ashcroft's huge ego led to Lonely Soul sounding the way it does.) Psyence Fiction is a strange record, then. It's more interesting than captivating, which is not what you want from a man who made one of the most capitivating records ever just two years previous. Yet moments here are pure genius, and even when Shadow is coasting (Celestial Annihilation, for instance), it's great stuff. Perhaps Psyence Fiction is the greatest indicator of Shadow's genius for just that reason - it's still inferior to his other work, yet most can only dream of these heights. Definitely worth a look ( Password: ).
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